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Massage on Table with relief

You will be placed on a massage table in this session. I will start to touch you in a sensitive and affectionate way this will be done to get your body to totally relax, so the energies within you will start to flow freely. I will then go further into more and more sensual touches and caresses, always arousing and uplifting your energy to your entire body.

While you will be exploring all of my techniques you will be achieving several mind-blowing orgasms without ejaculating - they are called multiple body orgasms. The reason for this is because every time you control your instinct to ejaculate, you will move toward a higher, more powerful orgasm. You can have as many orgasms as you want during the time you have set aside with me. This will
be through my sensual hand relief techniques. I have various different oils to suit most body types.

60 30 mins
80 45 mins
100 60 mins
150 90 mins

Body 2 Body Massage on Bed

This Session  includes all of the  above  however  you will be placed on a bed and I will perform a whole body-to-body massage where I will massage you in a very creative, sensual way by touching your entire body using my hands. as well as different parts of my body, like breasts and feet. You will be naked during the massage and so will I.

80 30 mins
100 45 mins 
120  60 mins

I provide fully nude Skype webcam shows for 3 a minute minimum 5 minutes. Please email me for more details